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Global Health Stem Cell Therapy is a global health provider offering a full array of stem cell therapies for regeneration and rejuvenation of the whole body combined with Naturopathic assessments and treatments for optimal performance.


Stem Cell Regenerative Cell Therapy uses your own undifferentiated cells, which have the ability to replace damaged and dying cells and regenerate and restore them toward optimal function. These special cells can be introduced into the body by IV or injection into any area of the body to renew joints, skin, organs, and other types of tissue. Stem Cells are derived from your own fat, the richest and most viable source of active stem cells. Stem Cells promote regeneration of healthy cells naturally, without the need of expensive or invasive surgeries, medications, and interventions. Stem Cell Regenerative Cell Therapy can reduce pain, improve energy, and enhance quality of life.

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Introducing in 2016 Stem Cell Therapy

East Valley Naturopathic Doctors presents Stem Cell Therapy as the newest addition to our line of comprehensive services. The procedures will be completed by Dr Jason Porter and Julie Keiffer. There combined experience of 26 years with this procedure and other regenerative therapies for chronic pain can give you the confidence that you are in [...]

How are Adult Stem Cells harvested?

The least desirable source for Stem Cells is peripheral blood, although the least invasive, can harvest only 10,000 Stem Cells at one time. In addition, approximately 50% of these will become blood cells and 50% will become new tissue cells able to promote healing. The second best is bone marrow extraction and is only able [...]

Stem Cells, Brain Cells and Exercise a great combination!

Dr. Fred H. Gage, PhD(The Salk Institute for Biological Studies, USA), reported recently in an international conference on current research in stem cell therapy. He described that though the brain ages or declines normally, we have the ability to reverse or slow this declining process. He describe how new cells are generated all the time [...]